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A tight and attractive body, this is the dream of all women in the world. With the body shapewear of the brand Lobo, you can have a naturally sculpted body without the need to exercise or even doing a plastic surgery.

Of course, you previously asked about the beauty of the Brazilian woman body and dreamed of having a body like their body today Your dream become true. Using this product from the Lobo brand, which is available in our store, you can get a sculpted body and appear with an attractive body without spending hours in the gym and depriving yourself of the foods you love and also without the need to do strict diets that may harm you and your body .

In this article we will discuss the advantages of body girdles, and we will show you some ways to choose a body corset that fits your body type, and we will also explain to you the method of making body braces to be familiar with everything related to Brazilian body braces.

Brazilian body shapewear :

  1. Advantages of Brazilian body shapewear:
  • The body girdles available at deladele have international specifications, as we make them from precious materials so they do not cause any sensitivity and are suitable for all skin types.

It does not cause any inconvenience and you can wear it comfortably for long hours because it is very flexible and comfortable.

  • Availability of many colors and Sizes it also does not appear under your clothes.
  • Works to sculpt and tighten the body
  1. How do I choose the right shapewear :

The body shapes differs from one woman to another, so there are many types of body braces, and each type has its own body corset.

  • Apple body:

If you are an apple body owner, this means that you are gaining weight in the waist area, so it will be appropriate to choose body shapers that work to tighten and slim the waist, and that either by using a body suit or a tummy and waist corset

  • Rectangular body:

If you are a person with this body, you should use body shapewear that slims the waist.

  • The hourglass body:

If you are one of the owners of this body, then you definitely want to hide the flabbiness in your body, we recommend that you use shorts with a very high waist.

  • Pear body:

so it is advisable to use:

A bodysuit or shorts with a high waist.

  1. How do shapewear work ?
  • Deladele body corset improves the appearance of the body .
  • It works to tighten the body and make it look perfect.
  • Helps to reduce the body weight because it facilitates fat burning
  • Tightening the abdomen and other organs such as the thighs

As we mentioned today, it has become very easy to get a flat abdomen and a straight back with the body corsets from Deladele that work even to correct the sprain of the back. The corsets available in our store are difficult to find elsewhere because they are manufactured according to international standards and high quality materials.

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